Monday, August 25, 2008

Hardin in it for the swag

A story in the JSonline reports that Milwaukee School Board member, Charlene Hardin, was a no show at a conference held in Philadelphia last month. This comes after the report that millions that have been wasted on the neighborhood initiatives program. What's more, while Hardin apparently had no interest in the conference, she DID have an interest in the swag.

At first, Hardin complained loudly that the staff had run out of conference bags, which contained zoo passes, city information and discounts for various items, Ricci said.

“Then she proceeded to go into the vendors’ area, get some plastic bags from them, help herself to a ton of food and cookies and candy and all that stuff from the snack tray, and proceeded to walk out the door again, making another big stink about the thing, and left,” Ricci said, estimating that the pair were there for all of five minutes.

Now, this is one account. I emailed the school board to see if they'd provide a different story. I'll post what I find out. Something tells me I won't be surprised by anything.

The article.

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