Thursday, August 07, 2008

More on Favre

I posted a quick post before as I was at work, so let me add a few things.

People . . . get over it. Yes, I understand that as fans we pay good money to support the team through ticket sales and whatever. But, c'mon. It's a game. I'm a fan, I've got some opinions about it, but geez. Flying a Packer flag at half mast?


A couple of things "hit me" listening to all the press conferences. One thing in particular. I don't think Brett wanted to come back to the Packers. At least, not on any terms set forth by the organization. I think he's got a bug up his butt about Thompson and he decided he can't play on a team with Ted as the GM. Now, you can blame Ted for some of this. But, I really think there's a prima donna attitude by Brett that can't be ignored. His notes to ESPN, his reluctance to commit earlier in the year, and his denial of consideration for Moss and Mariucci all, to me, add up to a guy who thought himself way more important than what he was.

Two, I honestly believe the Packers simply didn't want Brett back. Everything that has been said is just a cover for them wanting him to just go away. I think they felt Brett had become difficult and they didn't want to deal with it anymore. This was good timing as not only did Brett really, really announce his retirement, but also, he's old. There are good reasons to think he's not going to be as good as last year.

Sure, Ted is taking a risk. I don't know that it's a huge risk. The Jets? They were one of the worst teams in football last year. I'll be shocked if Brett does well. I hope he does. But I don't think he will.

As for Aaron, I feel bad for him. He's done nothing wrong yet he'll be the trigger for the boos that come from the fans when the Packers play. I don't know how he'll do. We haven't seen enough of him. For some, that's reason enough to think we'll stink, or that we'd be a better team with Brett. Give the guy a chance. If the season does go south and Aaron sucks, all that will mean is that Aaron sucks. Nothing else. It won't mean we should have kept Favre. It won't mean Ted's an idiot. It will just mean Aaron sucks.

As I've said elsewhere, Brett has only a couple of years in him. He's going to retire. We're better off with Aaron having played with Favre than someone else. I know Ted hasn't really used free agency and I've often wondered why. But, who would you get? Who would be better than starting Aaron right now?

There isn't anyone. Give Aaron a chance. Back him. Back the team.


Mary at Freedom Eden posted this today.

There are two things that have been glossed over, so to speak. One, Deanna's involvement in this. Now, I'm not going to blame her but one has to believe she has some part in all of this. Maybe it's supportive. Maybe not.

Two, Brett's physical. I've only heard a mention of some problems.

Maybe Thompson is an idiot. I doubt it. I do think there are two sides to this and Brett may not be the angel many think he is.

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