Monday, August 25, 2008

Another flood damage relief effort?

OK. I don't want to generalize. I don't wan to stereotype. But, I just knew what I was in for when I saw this headline:

Community centers note increase in demand for donated school supplies

As I read the article, I came across this:

A school supplies giveaway at the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center in Milwaukee last week prompted hundreds of families to line up outside the center almost an hour before the event started. The agency gave out more than 560 bags of supplies.

For me, there are two issues. First, it used to be that the schools would sell supplies. I know that's a century ago. But of all the things the schools could do that would be rather handy . . . bulk purchasing for resale to their students would be one of them. It just goes to how screwed up MPS is and how screwed up spending is. It's maddening.

The other issue . . . I'm sorry, this is not a lot of money. One does not have to go far to find "deals". There exists all kinds of free, two for one, on sale, and rebates at places like Menards, Walgreens, Office Max, Office Depot, and Target.

I really wonder, of these people, who really needs a bag of free stuff. Maybe they all do. I hope so. Because I hope they realize when one simply takes advantage of something being given away for free, and you don't really need it, you hurt those that really do but can't get it 'cause they've run out.

The article.

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