Friday, August 01, 2008

More Global Foolishness

From JSonline:

It has, at times, been warm, muggy and sweaty this summer.

But it hasn't yet been 90 degrees.

The official temperature in Milwaukee hit 88 degrees four times this month - July 15, 16, 17 and on Wednesday. But the temperature at Mitchell International Airport hasn't gotten any closer to that sweltering mark, according to the National Weather Service in Sullivan. In Madison, the temperature reached 88 degrees in July 16, but no 90.

There are still plenty of chances for the temperature to hit 90 degrees this summer, with the next real chance coming Sunday or Monday. But the last summer Milwaukee didn't reach 90 degrees was in 2000. Before that, 1915.

In Madison, the temperature didn't reach 90 degrees in 2004, but before that, the last summer without such sweltering heat was 1924.

Meteorologists at the weather service say several factors could be keeping the temperature down, but part of it may be the ground's fault. So much rain fell in June that the soil is saturated, the forecasters say. When the temperature hits the 80s, that moisture evaporates relatively quickly and keeps the air from heating more.

Also, thunderstorms developed several times last month and cooled the air when the temperature threatened to break out of the upper 80s.

1915? That's an 85 year span!


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