Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voter Fraud and Photo ID

I'm going to be a "maverick" on this one. I'm not for Photo ID for voting.

Let me explain.

I'm not against it. I do think it would help with some fraud problems. But, not all. With regard to fraud, no one has been able to tell me why there were thousands more votes cast in the last election than there were registered voters. That's a huge problem. Voter ID might not have taken care of it.

In my opinion, the problem has always been with registration, and the database. Same day registration and these registration drives leave waaaaaaaaaaay too much room for error and fraud. That's obvious. We could eliminate these registration procedures and go back to having people do it the old fashioned way. Then, I would want people to come up with a formal ID of some sort.

Quite honestly, while the latest news of fraudulent registration drives is troubling, it doesn't mean there will be voter fraud. But, it does screw up the database and the numbers used for the election count. Add to that the fact that the commission apparently only deals with problems AFTER they occur, and there's no way to determine the validity of the votes cast in an election.

To be honest, I'd be for a Federal Voter ID, or State Voter ID. Something that went further than just having people show their driver's license. But, that's dreaming.

Fix the registration problems. Fix the database. Until that happens, no amount of showing a photo ID will fix all the problems.

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