Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Germantown considering phone ordinance

Germantown is considering an ordinance that would allow police to issue tickets to students if they violate rules about the use of cell phones and other electronic devices in schools.

The ordinance would have to be approved by the Village Board. It will be considered tonight by the board's Public Safety Committee.

Police Chief Peter Hoell said today he thinks the ordinance would only be used a couple of times per year and only in extreme cases in which students ignore the rules. No fine has yet been proposed, but it likely would be in the range of $90 if the ordinance is adopted, he said.

Hoell said the schools generally prohibit the possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices during school hours. The schools give warnings to students who violate the rules and sometimes confiscate the phones of repeated violators, he said.

On principal, I am against this. It's a nanny state move that allows government to intrude more and more in to our lives.

But, we've lost all ability to control ourselves wen it comes to cell phone use. It's obscene. It's rude. It's dangerous. While it's too bad, I foresee more legislation in the future.

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