Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's hear it for Milwaukee!

For all the jokes about cheese, beer, and fat people, Milwaukeeans hold their collective heads (and steins) high. Say what you will, but we're no Detroit, Houston, or Rockford. But, we've had some bumps in the road. We recently had the distinction of being the drunkest city in America. That's gone. State wide, we had the party capitol. That's gone. We were the fattest. That's gone. We had cheese and beer!

Those, too, are gone.

So, what's left?

How about sexiest?

No. I didn't say Festiest. But, I may as well have. According to Marie Claire magazine, Milwaukee ranks as "sexiest city" largely due to the amount of festivals we have.

Marie Claire magazine dubs Milwaukee its ‘sexiest city’

The "money" graphs"

A long list of summer festivals, moderate seasonal temperatures and upcoming events such as the Governor's Cup weekend at the Milwaukee Mile, Arab World Fest and the Harley-Davidson 105th anniversary celebration made Milwaukee the G spot - as in a go-to spot, for those of you with your sex-crazed minds in the gutter.

"In most instances, people look for ways to leave their cities this time of year, to flee to other places for entertainment," Goldman said.

But Milwaukee holds people's interest with plenty of activities for a person to stay put in the summer, the magazine's staff found.

The magazine didn't send a writer here and used anecdotes and general research to make its decision, Goldman said.

"We were astonished by how robust the city was in terms of entertainment," Goldman said. "On any given weekend, you can find at least three festivals in the area that offer diverse options."

So, take that San Diego, L.A., and Miami. You may have the centerfolds, but we have food on a stick!

I'll take it, though. While the measure might be a bit skewed, we could use any headline that doesn't include the words "serial", "alderman", "shake down", "shooting", or $50,000 red cows".

I'm doing what I can.

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