Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fading Fashions

The family has gone to the Fair 4 times now. I say this so you'll know I've been there a bit . . . and tend to look around.


I can happily say that I didn't see one instance of obscenely low cut jeans. Not one. In fact, there were very few crop tops in spite of some rather warm, humid weather.

Thank you.

It was an ugly fashion. Not at all flattering to virtually anyone beyond stick status. I've seen a scant few "hard bodies" at Summerfest a couple of years ago that looked pretty good. But, for the most part . . . not good. And not because I don't appreciate a "normal" figure on a woman. I do. I much prefer "a little something". But, there's "a little something" and there's "a lot of something". Too often the "a lot of somethings" were wearing the fashion.

Not good.

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