Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Courage Defined

Without any intent to make light, look up courage at Wiki and Christina Applegate will be amongst the definition.

Applegate calls double mastectomy a 'tough' choice

My wife and I discussed this sometime back. She said if it came to it, "cut 'em off". I found it an interesting statement given that breasts make up so much of what a woman is. Physically and biologically. She told me, though, given the choice between highly side effected treatments that would offer no real guarantee and losing the breasts . . . the breasts go. It'd be like having some alien bug in you. You just want it out.

Christina is 36 . . . and in Hollywood. I don't mean to put Christina in the same class of egocentric as a Sharon Stone, but I can't imagine it was an easy decision.

In the article, Christina jokes about it. What a great attitude. Good for her.

Long life, Christina.

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